About us

The childcare staff of four Primary Caregivers, a program coordinator and an education leader all of whom are highly experienced early childhood educators.

We are a team of dedicated thoughtful and caring women who believe in celebrating, honoring and respecting each child and family while nurturing their individual growth and contentedness.

The Philosophy which guides the interactions in Antrim Childcare revolves around the concept of respect for children, their families and Educators themselves.

In the environment children are not pushed to develop, rather their growth is facilitated by educators who allow them to progress according to their unique rhythms and individual needs.They do this by building responsive relationships and providing a setting rich in opportunities for play exploration and interactions. The center is never Static!

Each Educator is responsible for a consistent small group of children and their families.Educators also get to know all of the children in the center so that everyone becomes a trusted friend. The parent is the ‘primary person’ in each child’s life and the center promotes and encourages every parent to become an active participant in their child’d life.

Antrim Day Care
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Operating Hours
Mon-Fri: 7.00am - 6:00pm
52 weeks a year. We are closed on Public Holidays

Address: 22 Lincoln Road, Essendon 3040