Our Philosophy

We believe:

  •  In high expectations for every child at the center
  • That each child is of intrinsic value and worth.
  • That every child deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • That a Child has rights and responsibilities.
  • That each child is an individual, we celebrate diversity and difference while appreciating and enjoying similarities and common bonds.
  • That development should encompass the whole child, including physical, cognitive, social/emotional, creative, expressive and spiritual entities.
  • That each child will develop at their own pace.
  • Provides a program that is developmentally appropriate for children in a safe, engaging and nurturing environment. The programs will reference the Early Years Learning Framework and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Frameworks.

Educators will aim to develop the child as a whole, building on skills and knowledge they will extend on through life.

  • The program will be flexible and varied according to the individual needs and interests of the children and the group as a whole.
  • Provides an environment that recognises and supports the importance of family in the education of the children at the centre.
  • Staffs aim is to create a welcoming environment that is child focused, and where the exploration of activities is child initiated and will provide educational programs that are reflective of and celebrate the diversity of our communities.
  • Provide an inclusive, welcoming and accessible service that strives to meet and actively support the needs of each family utilising the service.
  • Support play as a basis for learning in the early years.
  • Support the child to make the transition to school.
  • To develop positive relationships with community members and services within the community, and encouraging sharing of talents, knowledge and experiences with children and members using the service.
  • We believe that children learn best through an emergent curriculum that includes intentional teaching and spontaneous child initiated play experiences that are appropriate, non-biased and scaffold the needs and interests of individual children and the group.
  • The center aims for positive and respectful interactions between staff, children and families, supporting parents in their involvement in the childcare and providing information about the program and children’s progress.
  • Awareness of the local community is provided within the program and links developed with the local community services.
Antrim Day Care
Phone: (03) 9337 6490
Email: info@antrimchildcare.com.au
Operating Hours
Mon-Fri: 7.00am - 6:30pm
52 weeks a year. We are closed on Public Holidays

Address: 22 Lincoln Road Essendon VIC 3040