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Nursery 6 Months – to 2 years old

Care is provided by A familiar and Primary Carer, who familiarises  themselves with  your baby  and with whom your child can relate to and  learn to trust while feeling safe and secure in their new environment.

The childcare professionals take many opportunities for one-to-one interactions with your child, including during care routines such as nappy changes, toileting, dressing, eating and sleeping/rest times. These times are used to talk with your child and to build positive, trusting relations with them.

There are many playful social experiences such as songs rhymes, peek-a-boo games, and sharing books and stories.

There is a lot of comforting physical contact between the child care professionals and your baby, such as being cuddled and being held while having a bottle.

Your baby’s distress signals such as crying or becoming frustrated are responded to by the child care professionals in ways that are timely, comforting and appropriate.

Antrim Day Care
Phone: (03) 9337 6490
Operating Hours
Mon-Fri: 7.00am - 6:30pm
52 weeks a year. We are closed on Public Holidays

Address: 22 Lincoln Road Essendon VIC 3040